Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday.. and I'm not blue!

Actually I'm feeling really well today. I had a relaxing Sunday - went out with a colleague to see his daughter's play (she's 4) .. not something I'd normally do but I was feeling quite chilled out so just went with the flow. The play was titled The Grasshopper and the Ants (my friend's daughter was a cute little ant all dressed in black with adorable red antennae). I guess the play inspired me to get my act together and do some work!

I had quite a productive morning - completed one article that will be published next weekend in the UK.. that ought to pay the rent for a couple of weeks lol :) The article is basically a foreigner's commentary on South African politics and the run up to the election next year. Pratish - you're going to have to give me license to use that Julius Malema background cartoon of yours at some point - it's great!

Basically I do agree with the analysis on the cartoon blog - Malema has been at the firing end of the media guns for a while now. While he has been victimised to a certain extent it would serve people well to remember that a lot of his rhetoric is not targeted at the media - his real audience - the poor, young and uneducated - relate well to him and probably get all worked up and energised by his speeches. It's funny to see how the ANC is trying to reign him in now - articles in just about every paper about this today!


po said...

Hey, yeah, it seems to me that the media is jst being lazy and seizing apon Malema as an easy target. They cannot report every single word out of his mouth! People will get tired eventually.

Anna Sempe said...

you're right.. although he does make for some funny cartoons.. LOL!

oliriki said...

po - he's a public figure so he can expect that it will happen - does he have to make it so easy though! It's kinda like George Bush - whatever he did - political conference or eating a pretzel.. you could count on him saying or doing something stupid or inadvertently comic.