Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back to the blog

The last couple of months have been great from a personal development point of view - I met and interacted with many interesting people in my travels across South East Asia - in particular some buddhist monks and a Rinpoche left quite an impression.. more about this later though - I've also been invited to write as part of a group blog on spirituality in the West.

It seems somewhat peculiar to return to South Africa after a long stint of this sort - with all the violence, crime and corruption (although I cannot say I am surprised that the NPA dropped charges against Jacob Zuma) - after all it was predicted last year already that this would happen. I'm glad to see that Wonkie cartoons was runner up in 2 categories in the South African blog awards .. well deserved and sorry I couldn't add my vote from the Himalayas! LOL

Anyway, I shall be posting some of my photos up over the next couple of weeks - need to acclimatise to Pretoria once more before I do anything else!