Thursday, May 7, 2009

A new president for South Africa

Ever since the election, the mood amongst South African white people has been quite sombre. It seems there is a vloud hanging over them. Coming from Europe I guess I can appreciate the sentiment however this is not Europe now, is it? Mr Zuma certainly has had quite a battle on a number of fronts to get to where he is. His tenacity has served him well and I only hope he applies the same tenacity to his new role.

Mr Zuma will be inaugurated on Saturday - I have been covering some of the parliamentary swearing in ceremonies at the Union Buildings earlier today and security is high. Not least of which because of the attendance of Robert Mugabe on Saturday - posters are already flying around Pretoria in protest.

While Mr Zuma's appointment was pretty much a given even prior to the election, what remains to be seen is his choice of cabinet. Whether or not he appoints people based on merit will be the first indication of the medium-long term future of South Africa. Wonkie cartoons had some interesting suggestions on the Zuma cabinet - South Africa 2009. If Mr Zuma wants to start with a bang, he has an opportunity now to get rid of the dead wood in a number of departments - I hope he takes it.