Monday, March 1, 2010

March has arrived

Interest rates are still low in the UK and thankfully for most in sunny South Africa as well - it's unlikely that rates will rise in the near future given the pressure Cosatu will apply after the recent increases in the South African electricity prices and the increased fuel surchage that will kick in from the first Wednesday of April 2010.

I'm finally looking at buying a flat in Cape Town soon - all this travel has been great but I think I need a place to truly call home for a while. I've been so busy with my journalist duties I've not paid any attention at all to my blogging - let alone anything to do with my photo blog (I know, I know - I've been threatening to be consistent since 2008 and I've only just barely come around to start posting stuff on facebook!

This last weekend, I attended a 60th wedding anniversary party of one of my friends - it was awesome.. so romantic! I'll post some photos later this week... I actually went a bit old school and decided to use traditional black and white 35mm film on my old canon. Hopefully I can still recall how to develop these in a dark room!

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