Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tragedy strikes when you least expect it

Sorry for disappearing for the last 10 days .. have been spending some time with a dear friend from Zimbabwe who lost her brother in some of the recent violence in Zimbabwe. Things have deteriorated to an unbelievable level and it's had to believe the international community, particularly South Africa is just sitting around and not contributing to the solution there.

Anyway, not much in the mood for updating this now although I have taken quite a few photos over the last week.. some pretty amazing ones at that. I'll post them soon.. just too down and out at the moment to upload and resize for the blog.. soon

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naynadesai said...

Hey.. really sorry to hear about J.. I knew her and her brother very well and it's certainly the loss of a good man to the nation.

We can only hope that South Africa doesn't turn into the next Zimbabwe disaster but it really looks like we're headed that way too.. it's hard to be optimistic.